The Welcome Packet will include all of the information you need before, during and after the tournament. The subsequent quick links are in the Welcome Packet, but are parceled out for your convenience.


Directions to the Tournament


2018 Hell Gate 7s Team Waiver Form

Every team must read the Team Waiver and submit corresponding CIPP Roster form prior to the tourney start. If a team does not submit CIPP form, you have not completed the Team Waiver process and the team cannot play in the tournament. Entry fees will not be refunded.

We encourage teams to fill out the waiver form prior to the tourney start and email it to HellGate7s@villagelions.org.




Declaration of Squad

The team manager shall be required to submit a squad (max 12 players) for the tournament. The squad including CIPP numbers shall be submitted prior to the start of the tournament.

Duration of All Matches

The duration of Matches will be seven minutes each half with a two-minute half time interval. Cup matches will have ten minute halves.


The Standard Set of Variations for the Seven-a-Side Game.



3.4 Players nominated as substitutes

  • A team may nominate up to five replacements/substitutes.
  • A team may substitute or replace up to five players.
  • A team may substitute the same player more than once as long as no more than 5 substitutions are made in total. See 3.13 for exception

3.13 Substituted players rejoining the match

If a player is substituted, that player may return to play in that match under the following circumstances:

  • Up to 5 tactical substitutions per game
  • In addition to which players may return to play when replacing:
    • a player with a blood injury in accordance with Law 3.11
    • a player undertaking a Head Injury Assessment in accordance with Law 3.12.

Pool Standings

Play on the first day of the tournament will consist of matches between teams in the same pool on a round robin basis. No extra time will be played in pool matches. Points will be awarded for these matches on the following basis

Win = 3 points
Draw = 2 points
Loss = 1 points
No show = 0 points


If a Team willfully refuses to play, or willfully abandons a Match in progress, without the prior consent of the Match Referee, then, subject to confirmation by the Tournament Directors, that Team will be expelled from the Tournament.

If a Team has been expelled from the Tournament, for whatever reason, then that Team shall be deemed to have been awarded no pool competition table points and to have scored no tries or points in the pool Matches.

For the purposes of determining standings in the pool competition table, all Match results against such Team shall be deemed null and void. This means that all pool competition table points awarded in Matches against the expelled Team and tries and points scored or conceded in Matches against such Team will not be taken into account in determining standings in the pool competition table.

Forfeiting in Hell Gate Sevens Tournament can lead to being waitlisted in future tournaments.

Tie Breakers

Championship ties are resolved as specified in the ‘Standard Set of Variations Appropriate for the Seven- a-Side Game’ in the current Law Book.

Pool advancement is determined by:

  1. Record in pool
  2. Head-to-head competition
  3. Point differential
  4. Tries scored
  5. Converted tries scored
  6. Coin toss

Pool Advancement Details

All advancement is at the discretion of the Tournament Directors

HS Girls are playing a best of 3 matches.  No overtime will be played EXCEPT if the results of the third match will determine a champion between the teams.

HS Boys have two pools of 5 teams.  The top team in each pool will play for the Cup Championship, the 2nd ranked team in each pool will play for the Plate Championship, the 3rd ranked team in each pool will play for the Bowl Championship.  The 4th and 5th ranked teams will not advance.

Women have two unbalanced pools (one of 4 one of 3).  In both pools all teams will play each other to determine a pool ranking.  The top team from each pool will play for the Cup Championship, the 2nd ranked team in each pool will play for the Plate Championship, the 3rd ranked team in each pool will play for the Bowl Championship.

The Men’s Division has five pools of 4 teams.  Pool play will determine both a rank in the pool and an overall rank based on the tie breaker criteria above.  The winner of each pool and 1 “wild card” will advance.  The top two ranked teams will receive a “bye” in the first knock out round, the 3rd – 6th ranked teams will play a wild card round.  This will be followed by a semi final and final to determine the Cup Championship.  The 7th – 10th ranked will play a semi final and final to determine the Plate Championship and the 11th – 14th ranked teams will play a semi final and final to determine the Bowl Championship.

Note the pool winners will be the top seeds (ranked accordingly) going into knock out play.


During the Knock-out Competitions, in the event of a Match being drawn at the end of normal time, extra time will be played until a winner is determined. Extra time will be in periods of five minutes. After each period the Teams will change ends without interval. In extra time the Team which scores first will immediately be declared the winner without further play.

The Team that first kicked off will do so again in the first period of extra time, and subsequent kick-offs will alternate between the two sides.  


The toss to decide who will kick off and choose ends will take place at half-time in the preceding match. The toss shall be conducted by the match referee with the captain of each team in attendance.


In the event of inclement weather (hail, lighting, heavy rain, etc), the decision to continue with play, delay play or cancel play at any point shall be made by the Tournament Directors in consultation with the Referees.  Decisions will be communicated via the sportYou app as well as verbally at HQ.

Tournament Directors

With the goal of creating a fun, fair, respectful, safe and competitive tournament, The Tournament Directors have the authority to adjust the rules, rankings and structure of play to address any circumstances that arise including but not limited to no show teams, delays due to weather or other causes, and/or safety related issues, etc.




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