Randall’s Island, New York City – July 11th, 2015

Check out the 2015 results here.


*The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust the tournament pools as needed.
➤ Men’s Northeast Sevens Championship Series (NRU Qualifier)
➤ Women’s Empire 7s Series/Open
➤ Men’s Empire 7s Series/Open
 Women’s Social
➤ Men’s Social
➤ High School Boys
➤ High School Girls


➤ Registration entry: $350 Senior sides, $250 HS sides.
➤ Teams are not officially registered until payment is received.
➤ Checks also accepted and should be made out to “Village Lions Rugby Football Club” and mailed to Club Treasurer, Erin McGee—
Erin McGee
371 Classon Ave, Apt 3C
Brooklyn, NY 11238


➤ Each team has a maximum of 12 CIPP’d players on their roster.
➤ Multiple sides from the same club can be entered, but must be entered separately.
➤ The squad including CIPP numbers shall be submitted prior to the start of the tournament.
➤ Guaranteed minimum of 3 matches.
 Registration closes on July 7th and all payments must be received by then.
2015 Hell Gate Sevens Tournament Rules


Questions? Email us at HellGate7s@villagelions.org and stay up-to-date by liking our Hell Gate 7s Tournament Facebook page.

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5 thoughts on “Hell Gate 7s Tournament

  1. We are new club, New York Pacific Island Warriors. I registered us on Men Open Category even though we not in the series. Are we still allow to participate on that group or not?


    1. Hi Viliame,
      According to the Empire Series rules, you are allowed to compete in that category as per the following:

      5. Foreign or teams from outside the territory will be allowed to compete in the championship
      series. However, these teams will not be included in the final rankings that determine point’s
      allocation as described above.

      We’ve received your registration form and look forward to seeing you at the tournament!

      All the best,

      Angela Corpus
      Tournament Director

  2. What day will the schedule be published? Will it be at the “information” tab or somewhere else?

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